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Feline Wellness Exams

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

A wellness exam is a comprehensive health check-up for your cat performed by your veterinarian. Few things are more concerning than a sick cat that needs your attention – especially if you’re not sure what to do to help. A wellness exam for your cat serves at least two purposes: problem prevention and/or diagnosis.

Rather than waiting until a problem arises in full, periodic pet wellness check-ups can help to ensure you catch an issue before it turns into a full-blown health challenge. If something concerning is found during the exam, the problem can be diagnosed and treated accordingly. This is both useful for problem prevention as well as a way to get to know your cat’s health better.

Blood chemistry panels are performed to detect abnormalities in the organ function. For example, kidney function, liver function, and presence of high blood sugar, and more. All cats seven years old and better have a blood chemistry test annually. Depending on the results, some cats will need more frequent testing to determine the efficacy of treatments they are undergoing.

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