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Having a Bath

Grooming Your Senior Cat

As cats get older, they may begin to ignore their own hygiene. This can be due to various factors, but the result is consistent. Matting, over growth of nails, bad breath, and an overall bad smell are a few ways that this neglect of hygene can present itself. During this phase of life, it is crucial for owners to assume some of those grooming duties for themselves. Here are a few ways that you can help keep your cat clean and comfortable in their later years.​​


When cats lick themselves, they are doing a very important job; removing shed fur, dust and dandrif from their bodies. When cats get older there are many reasons why they stop doing this, it could be pain from arthritis, a soar mouth bad teeth, weight gain from a health issue, ect. No matter what the reason is, this lack of grooming can cause the hair to start to mat together. Matting is not only uncomfortable, as it pulls tightly on the skin, but it can also do physical damage to the skin if left untreated. The best way to prevent this is tho brush your cat on a regular basis with a comb or slicker brush. 

If your cat is already experiencing matting, do not try to cut them out yourself. Because of the tight pull from the mat, the skin can be easily cut by scissors or clippers. It is best to get them professionally shaved by a vet or groomer. If brushing is not an option for your kitty, keeping them shaved in the problem areas for matting is always a good option. 

Nail Trims

Many cat owners will agree that one of the hardest parts of cat ownership is dealing with the scratching of items around the house, but did you know that the scratching is an important part of a cat hygene. Cats nails don't grow in the same way dogs nails do, they grown in layers that causes the nail to gradual grow thicker and longer. When a cat scratched they dislodge the outermost layer of their claw, relveiling the sharpper and shorter claw under neath. This is why many cat owners don't end up cutting their cats nails for long periods of time, they tend to manage it themselves.

Just like every thing else in the body, however, cats nails can change as thhey grow older. Often times the outer layers of the nails stop shedding and the nail will become very thick and brittle. At this time in their lives it is very important to keep an eye on your cats nails. If left unchecked, the nail can become ingrown which is very painful.

It's a good idea to get your cat used to nail trims at an early age if possible, but its never too late to start.  Playing with their feet on a regular basis can help get them used to them being touched. If its too difficult to do at home, bringing them to the vet or groomer is always an option.

Dental Hygene

Dental decline is a common issue in senior cats. Over the years, plaque will grow on their teeth which can lead to tooth loss, dental disease, and infection. Its important that cat owners are keeping an ey eon their cats teeth as they get older. Getting them checked by a doctor at annual visits is one way to do this. 


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